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by Stacey Conrad October 13, 2016

We all have lifestyles on the go. Mobility seems to be more and more important. So why should I invest in a HiFi (non-portable) system? Isn't music on my phone enough? Good question.

LP Love

Although the real question might be, can you really listen on the go? To that point, can you truly enjoy music without listening? Absolutely. We can hear music playing in about any audible delivery and enjoy the hook.

But there is something to say about experiencing the full sound intended by the artists.

Another advantage is to create a formal occasion for listening. Almost like forcing oneself to slow down, sit down, and put on an LP.  

What is really cool is to experientially listen to a 33 that was previously heard, time and time again, from an MP3 or streaming service. It is like understanding art by a reproduced print, and then finally standing in front of the original piece of art. There is just more clarity!

And finally, there is something about listening front to back of an album. The compilation was arranged by the artists to be listened this way.

So give yourself an experience. You will find that it is worth it!

Stacey Conrad
Stacey Conrad