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by Stacey Conrad October 03, 2017

To help you understand how our teachers can best help you or your child with their guitar playing abilities, let's explore the talent resume of our instructors.

Sam Moergen  began playing electric guitar at the age of thirteen, both in the middle school jazz ensemble and busking on the streets of St. Louis, Misssouri. He graduated from Belmont University with a degree in Music Business, and has thirteen years of experience volunteering and working with numerous Church Worship Teams both as a musician and music director. Specializing in all things electric guitar, Sam has experience in the genres of Indie Rock, Americana, Ambient/Atmospheric, Country, and Worship styles (among many others). Over the years, Sam has helped many students hone their technique, craft, and tone while also learning to play music with others in a band setting. No matter the style, Sam's desire is to not only help his students meet their personal goals, but enjoy music and understand its arrangement, theory, and production.

Nate Kennedy teaches acoustic guitar, ukulele, and bass to students of all ages. He is also the grammar school music instructor at Providence Classical Christian Academy, a session guitarist at Stoneridge Recording Studio, and the worship leader at Gospel Mission Church. Nate completed a specialist certificate program in Music Theory at the Berklee College of Music in 2010, and is a member of the D'Addario Education Collective.

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Stacey Conrad
Stacey Conrad