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by Stacey Conrad October 18, 2016

Lately it seems like the title "Indie" is way overused. An example would be introducing Coldplay as an Indie-Pop band.

In fact Wikipedia describes Indie-Pop and Indie-Rock as subgenres. Wikipedia also defines "Indie" as the method artists have used with independent labels. So which is it?

To me "Indie" is not a subgenre, but the later, a re-energized method of artists and their ability to distribute music without the use of a record label. So, with this definition, Coldplay and their 80 million records sold and 350 million monthly subscribers on Spotify really is anything but Indie.

Maybe my real complaint with Indie (the subgenre), is that many times it is a trend to sell mainstream music, rather than promoting the artists that are taking risks without mainstream influences.

Stacey Conrad
Stacey Conrad