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Panther Cub v1.5 by JHS

Sonic Research


The Panther Cub is in a rare category of an analog delay that can be controlled by tap tempo. Inside is a 100% analog signal path that uses 8 bucket brigade chips to deliver up to a full second of warm and distinct repeats, not to mention the vintage voiced modulation which stays musical across the entire speed and depth range.
Inside, you'll find a new Roar switch to give you the choice of darker repeats that surround you with dreamy soundscapes or a brighter, more aggressive repeat with a penchant for self oscillation. The Panther Cub not only fits into an enclosure half the size of its mother but has been fine tuned to offer improved delay strength and definition across the board.

The soft touch tap tempo switch has a ratio control, allowing 1/4,1/8 dotted 1/8, and triplets. JHS Pedals also includes a tap input/output jack for a remote tap switch or tap slaving.

On the other side is an EFX loop that uses a TRS splitter to incorporate other effects such as pitch shifters and other modulation into the wet signal only. A TRS splitter can also be used at the output for your stereo rig.

JHS Pedals builds the Panther Cub by hand in Kansas City, USA, which is wired for true bypass and designed to use a standard 9VDC adapter.

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