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Sinasoid GAC 15ft Cable Straight/Right



If Batman needed a guitar cable, he would choose this. Mysterious and black just like the Dark Knight, this cable will help you fight crime as well as unwanted noise. Gotham GAC-1 Ultra Pro cabling and sleek G&H black and gold connectors were used in the construction of this cable. The Gotham GAC-1 Ultra Pro features Double Reussen Shielding which will help you block out EMI and RFI. In layman's terms, this cable is the strong, silent type. This cable is both rugged and elegant and will stand the abuse from touring.

Every Sinasoid Custom Shop cable comes with a 100 year warranty. If your cable breaks at any time between now and the year 2115, we will fix it or send you a brand new one if your cable is unrepairable.

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